Championship Manager 03/04 Update 2020/2021 Season

Apr 4, 2021
Hi everyone,
I did this post to let you know that we are working on ' keep cm 03/04 ' alive and Updated
We have already realized many edition ( scrolling down you'll see links and details ) but we also would like if everyone interested could join the project and Update a little piece, for example his contry's minour leagues or data who knows better...

It would be GREAT if anyone could have official scout works and programs of the time the game have realized... so maybe we could plan better and edit better
- 0000 cm 03-04 Logo 20 21 ALTER.jpg
- 00000 cm 03-04 ALTER Logo 20 21.jpg

As now Updated Nations and Leagues are
ENG FA Premier and FL Championship, La Liga Esp, POR LigaNos, FRA Ligue 1, all ITALY, GER Bundesliga,TUR Superlig, Argentina and other major teams Our website with how to install guide, and eventually how to contact us
Wishing anyone appreciate...
Update's still work in progress but it's something
Our FB Page


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