Coach monthly training report

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Besides giving you an indication of how some players have been training over the past month, of what other benefit is this part of the game for you? How do you take this report and make it useful in the game for your team? Should the poorly trained players be punished witha warning or should this report tell you something about the players individual training schedule needing adjustment, and if so have YOU utilised these reports. Please give me some insight as to how the rest of you take this report. Is it just a fancy extra to make the game more realistic?


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Sep 15, 2005
I have used it before when I have a player on a schedule that isn't benefiting etc.. I simply switch him to one that suits him better.


I suppose......if JOHN hasn't trained well in SHOOTING over the past month, then i should use the COACH TRAINING REPORT that told me so to increase JOHNS SHOOTING practise. ?!?!?!? Right...??...........If JASON did well in BALL CONTROL, i suppose i should just leave it at that, or maybe decrease his BALL CONTROL and increase something else?!?!?!? Does that make sense to you?