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Coaching Team Comparison Question ( Do coach abilities stack ? )


Apr 26, 2010

I last played the 2013 Fm ... At the time with coached i would try to fine one coach which was very skilled for each training category to get me the stars and then buy some rubbishy coaches to train all of the categories to spread the workload.

I did exactly the same as I did in my 2013 Fm and attained good stars in all the categories however when i go onto the coaching team comparison i find I'm not doing so great compared to other teams.

It seems to be showing as well that a total of all the staffs for example Defensive stats are actually used for the comparison.

So i decided to sign a lot of good all round coaches ( high ddm mostly ) instead of **** to back up my Main star coaches and my comparison shot up and I'm by far the best in the league.

Now I don't care about the comparison at all i'm just wanting to make sure im training my players at the maximum but I cant be sure what's actually important for this now.

So basically is training still about Stars and workload or is there more ?

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