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Coming up against 3-4-3


Aug 31, 2009
For the past few seasons with my Debrecen save I've come up against the 3-4-3 formation quite often and I've always had problems with it. Playing on the counter with 4-3-3 (DM + wingers) works pretty well, but I'd rather not have to resort to that (especially at home), seeing as how I've got the best squad in the league and I've won that league for the past three seasons. So, time to take some measures; I've come up with the following avenues myself:

1. Playing the same formation and beating them on player quality. Having three at the back isn't something I'm comfortable with, since I'm always one missed interception away from a CCC that way.

2. Playing 3-5-2. I'm not really familiar with this formation and with only 2 man wide I can't exploit their weakness down the flank.

3. Playing 4-4-2. Using my entire defense to zonally mark their three strikers or specific mark with one DC on cover.

I've tried all of the above, but none is really better than the others. That's why I'd like to ask you if you can give me any suggestions or share your experiences when playing against this particular formation.

Edit: Also, weird that I can post this topic without any problems now. The last couple of days I kept getting an error about URLs and forbidden words (don't remember exactly).
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