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Couple of lads needed for a new game

May 13, 2010
Looking a few folk to get a BPL save on the go,Must be committed to playing hopefull get a good game started up.Probably looking for about 3 people to join.Preferably from the UK or a very similar timezone.Couple of notes on the game are as follows.Hoping to get started about 8pm tonight GMT (24/10/15).

Past playing experience must be set to sunday league-no coaching badges.

Game will be played on "key" highlights mode,obviously to keep the game going at a decent pace.

There will be NO timers in the game this is obviously to keep the game from becoming a rushed mess but players are expected not to take all day.night about things.

Choice of teams is entirely upto yourself whether you want to be a top/middle/bottom end team.

Game session times will be notified at the end of the game session to let everyone know if they can make the next one,if everyone isnt online at the same time we wont play,this keeps it fair and simple,but if a member doesnt show for 2 consecutive sessions without good reason then they shall be removed.

Skype is the preferred mode of communication as steam chat is painfully slow.

If you fancy joining please feel free to leave your steam ID and we can discuss game technicalities from there.

Hear from you guys soon-hopefully!!!!


Oct 26, 2015
Joning game

Hello there my skype name is Naboob1 and currently looking for a online game to join and this one seems to suit me well as I liv ein England too hope to hear from you soon