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Deep/Flat 442(tff, knap, mrL tweak)

White Europe

Feb 2, 2014
First of all big credits to TFF, KNAP, Mr.L

Everton test:
View attachment 161008 View attachment 161007 View attachment 161006

Wisla Krakow test:
View attachment 161005 View attachment 161004 View attachment 161003
View attachment 161002

As u can see its not best scoring tactic, but if u have good players for it is very good in defence and scores fair enough;)

U will need left footed left winger and right footed right winger,
Target Man its very important for the tactic,
Match prep: Def positioning
Trening: im using Fitness and tactics for changing it every two months;),

Tactics used in Everton and Wisla looks little bit different, wisla is small poor club without good players so left stiker is DF(s) and everton have Niasse and Lukaku so im using there CF(a)/(s)

Main/Away tactic:
away 442 deep TM_44084FFA-6DC2-48F7-92DA-D90A963FC6A1

Home/Need goal tactic tactic:
atack 442 deep TM_CD4A9064-1D20-42C9-83C8-2336FBF192BD

Hard matches/ Hold the lead tactic:
defensive 442 deep TM_7CF59B19-A2BD-4D78-84CE-4045C29809AC

good luck.. and if u looking for Target Man just take a look what Andy Carroll did to Arsenal today:D:D:D