Apr 20, 2021
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Hi guys. I've played FM from 2000-something to 2017 and now I have FM 20. I decided to play with my home town club in Croatia, so I downloaded Cro-manger update, with lower league clubs. I played for one season and managed to go from 3. croatian league to 2. league...and now there is a problem.

In game, there is a rule that you need to have minimum of 3 players U21. That is only partially true ...I know because I work in this club as scorer (not sure if translation is correct, but my job is to work with match delegate and write down numbers, players before match and goals, red/yellow cards after). Rule states (in real life) that you only need to start match with 3 U21 players but after first half, you can change them. Other rules are also wrong. For example, palyers under 17 can play if they have medical examination.

But my only problem is first rule with 3 U21 players, because now I have great players that I sign after becoming semi-pro, they brought me 2. league, they are 21, but born in January insted of July. I don't want to release them now or start new game by editing rules with pre-game editor.

So, after long post (sorry), my question is...is there any way to change rules inside save? In-game editor, can't do that. FMSE 20 that I found online is not working for some reason and I don't know if it is posible with such editor to do that, so I'm scared to by licence for it. I would feel bad if I edited date of birth for some players with in-game editor. If anyone can do such thing I can upload my save for you.

Thank you and sorry for long post