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English Hero - Oxford City - Richard Branson Challange


Sep 5, 2009
Hi guys. A lot of you might know me from helping out with the LFC update. As well as the Wally update a few years ago. As a lot of us are waiting for LFC brilliant file i thought some of you might want a little challange i made myself and I thought it was cool enough to share. I wanted to do the English Hero challange. But i'm sure some of you will know you cant seem to offer any wages to anybody in the Skrill N/S. So i decided to put together a squad of young players from teams around the country who never seem to make it in FM but are good players in real life. Therefore as they will now get game time rather than rot in the reserves you should see them progress throughout the game. To a point after around 3 seasons you will struggle to keep hold of some of them. Then the real work begins. I managed to keep a nucleus of mine together. Anyways here is the squad you start off with. You wont really be able to add to it apart from with loans in the first season and some other very cheap youth players.

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I moved Oxford City into Oxford Utd's old ground and it has been rebranded it The Virgin Manor Ground and it has had a bit of a facelift. As you guessed it the club has been taken over in game by none other than Virgins and Oxfords own Richard Branson. We all know he has some serious finacial backing. And to help you he has hired some ex players for staff. As again you cant really offer contracts first season. You might recognise some of the names. They all work for Sky. He got them out of there contracts. Lol. And i threw Steve Bull in there as i'm a massive Wolves fan. There is also the old *** man at the club Stuart Pearce, Not the Stuart Pearce and you will have to release him. I forgot to take him out.

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I am currently in my 5th season and I am in the championship. I have had loads of fun and been racking up the acheivments in steam like nobodys business. Here are some shots of the kits and facilities. Its a great base for a club but there is a lot of work to be done. A top tip would be when you start re work your objectives with Branson from signing top profile players to concentrate on youth signings.

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Last but not least here is the file. Enjoy and keep me updated with your progress :D

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Just place it in the editor data file in sports interactive my docs fm 14. And then when you start a new career game away you go. It should also be compatable with any future updates from anyone else like LFC or the Pro Packs when they are released. Good luck.
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