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Export editor data to CSV/Excel/etc


May 31, 2015

Is there any way one could export data from the database into something like CSV/Excel?

I have a number of funny (aka nerdy) analysis I would love to do on the database, which the FM editor does not allow you to do.

Simple things like basically exporting all clubs with their division, wage budget, transfer budget at the beginning of the game to assist when you are determining which team to start with.

But I also want to do more complex stuff like investigating correlations between average club Youth setup with respect to the league reputation...Stuff like this would be useful for mapping which areas of the TM world are better for searching for cheap good players (who might want to join lower rep teams as well).

Anyway I have not been able to export the data from the official editor (or FMRTE). Do you guys know of any way to export to CSV? It could be other either save-game editors etc.?