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FIFA-Online ; The Free Online football game looking to take the world by storm!

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Mar 29, 2009

FIFA Online is the new free football game from the EA gaming franchise.
After you've registered with EA and downloaded the game, you can join different rooms & challenge friends or strangers to play against you for 'coins'. 'Coins' are the only currency in FIFA Online, you can purchase players (who will be unlocked for transfer post match) and equipment to upgrade your squad by splashing out the coins on making your squad the best in the world.

FIFA Online is currently in the last stage of BETA Testing and the final version of the game is expected to be ready in early October.

You can take part in the 'Match Of The Day' Live Events to compete for extra coins or equipment and soon there will be a 'Tournament System' where you can set up tournaments for you and your friends to take part in, or 'Open Tournaments' where you can invite anyone in the world to compete against you.

There is also a mode where you can play as your selected team to build coins and to get used to the flow of the game, this can be played in either single player or co-op mode and is an essencial part of the game as it allows you to get used to playing as your selected team.

Most of all, the game is 100% FREE.

For more information & to download visit FIFA Online At:

I've joined, what does everyone else think?​
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