Fight For Survival


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Sep 15, 2005
<img src="" align="right">A pair of marauding pit bulls emerged from the edge of the bayou beyond New Orleans as the floods receded. Bred as fighting animals, their bloodlust had been sharpened by starvation. The dogs, which were wearing collars, had survived for more than two weeks but food was scarce.

They stalked towards their prey, a lone bull: a massive beast more than 10 times their combined weight. Like a wrestling tag team, the ***** and the dog attacked with awesome ferocity, leaping at the bull's head and latching on to its muzzle.

The stricken bull repeatedly shook the dogs off, flinging them up to 15 feet in the air. But they took turns to keep up the attack, exhausting the bull which was by now smeared with blood. Even after the bull trampled the *****, leaving it dazed, the dog stepped up its attack.

The terrifying assault highlighted the US military's concern that pit bulls would form packs and could attack or even kill soldiers.

It was too dangerous for an unarmed witness to intervene but The Sunday Telegraph flagged down a National Guard truck. Seeing what was happening, a soldier shot the ***** in the head.

The dog paused before resuming the attack. It took two bullets to stop it dead.


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Sep 16, 2005
**** me!

Im glad Pitbulls are banned here. Why would you want one anyway? If you want a dog to look 'ard with get a Staffie or a boxer.

That last pics cool btw :D