FM 11 demo - Norwegian Glory


Nov 10, 2009
This is my first post and llm save on Fm 11 since I decided to become an LLama full time and I wanted to get the ball rolling on this great new forum page addition to an already great site. Obviously I couldn't do the classic season performance posts as the demo only lasts 6 months into a season I believe but I will try and do monthly updates instead. I picked Norway btw because my last save finished in Norway so I was keen to return there. I started unemployed and I was offered a job within 24 hours of applying to several clubs without a manager (sorry head coach (K)) and took an offer from.......


Season 2010
Norwegian Second Division Group Three (14 teams)
Board Expectations :- Respecatable League position
Media Predicts :- 2nd
Transfer budget :- £10,000
Wage budget :- £2,500 (£3,500 after some cheeky board requests they approved)

Pre season

Pre season was frustrating as expected with my players trying to gel into a new system and style against what my ***-man recommended for us. It took us till the last preseason game to record a win even though we had 8 failed previous attempts at it against lower league opposition. The most frustrating thing I experienced was the amount of penalties we conceded, a minimum of one a game! maybe it's a bug but whatever as my tactics didn't resemble anything that could be linked to this. Another disappointment was that despite having 3 decent looking scouts they only managed to come up with 2 maybe 3 half decent players. We need strengthening big style if were going to compete. My finances also took a walloping as we lost almost £35k as the club look derived of income.

It wasn't all doom and gloom though as the players were playing some very good football towards the end and were just very unlucky on a number of occasions. We also managed to sign 2 players on frees to help us thicken our squad up. It's certainly going to be tough though and it's a shame the demo only lasts as long as it does as I'm starting to feel a slight affection to this team and feel it really is a sleeping giant of sorts.

Experienced Ghana guy will be our keep player this season as only he really looks like he can find the net!

Next update: first month of the season!