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[ FM13 ] [ Question ] How to prevent u18's being called up to the reserves


Aug 29, 2010
How do I prevent my u18's being called up to the reserves. They're playing twice as many fixtures as they're meant to and this means they're tired/jaded and more susceptible to injury.
I used to think it was because I didn't have enough players in my reserves but now I'm beginning to think it's the standard of players I have in my reserves. What I mean is that the players in my reserves are all *****. The only reason I have players in the reserves in the first place was to pad out the reserves in an attempt to keep my u18's playing for them.
There are three solutions to this problem I can think of:
  1. Place the u18's in the reserves
I don't like this option. This would mean (I believe) that the u18's are being trained by the senior staff and their working with youngsters stat might not be very good.
  1. Place the u18's in the 1st team
Same as above and they won't get any first team and would really end playing for the reserves in order to get match fitness anyway.
  1. Sign much more players for both the u18's & reserves.
I don't like this method because any player 18 or over (for me) should be playing 1st team football or should be out on loan. If the players are loaned out then there aren't enough players in the reserves and I'm back to square one.
I can't really sign any more players for the u18's unless I want to spend 10-20m for a 15-16 year old and that to me is bad business.
TL:DR - u18's are being called up to the reserves and tiring them out. I need to prevent this.