Football video game with the best ever gameplay?


Dec 4, 2023
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What would you consider to be the best football game of all time, in terms of a big skill gap, having diverse tactics with their own reality-like properties (not having a META way to play the game, so to speak) and simultaneously having a nice overall feel of realism to its gameplay?

I feel as if the current titles, like FIFA 23 and eFootball 2023, come up short to what they promise to deliver.

I also have been trying PES 2021 with gameplay mods these past months, but I find it hard to play with diversity, since I think the game pushes you to play a very one-dimensional style every game.
Any sugestions? Thanks in advance.
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PES6, but heavily modded. Last great PES. And Fifa14, but it is dated unlike Pes6 because no mods.
When it comes to football video games and their gameplay, there's always a lot of debate about which one stands out as the best. In my experience, FIFA 22 has set the bar high. One of the things that immediately stands out is the fluidity of the gameplay and cash app games that pay real money. The controls are responsive, and the player's movements feel natural and realistic.
The graphics are also a standout feature. The attention to detail in the player models and the stadiums is impressive. It feels like you're watching a real match at times. Another aspect that I appreciate is the variety of game modes. Whether you prefer to take on the role of a manager in Career Mode or compete online in Ultimate Team, there's something for everyone.
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