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Gormy's Custom Club Creation: Oslo FK

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Mar 6, 2022
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Hello! This is my first custom club creation and I have chosen to go to the Great White North in Norway! Oslo FotballKlubb (aka Oslo FK) is poised to be the FOOTBALLING GIANT of not just Norway, but all of Scandinavia! The Club has great young talents coming through the ranks and a great first team as well that should see you in the Eliteserien (Top Division in Norway) in no time! You will start off with some funds to keep you afloat until you hit the top division, but after that it is up to you to guide the club both on and off the pitch. Valhalla awaits its' MANAGER!!!

Download File: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pb89a6h3vl6tx/Oslo_FK_Database

In the download files it has the instructions on what to do, but if you have any problems or questions, you can contact me at YGormy on Discord. You may run into an issue when downloading the files in bulk, simple solution is to download each individually and slot them back into the folder they belong to. Mediafire has a pop up of what is in each folder so it should be fairly simple to locate where each file needs to be placed.

Feel free to as me questions in this thread as well as I will be checking in on it pretty often! Enjoy!

Club was created by Gormy, TarrantinoUX, SNG, and many more!