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Help to Develop A.S. Roma to a Top Team


Nov 28, 2011
I love A.S. Roma

Hello dear forumers. A.S. Roma is my favorite team since I was 4 years old - my grandfather was a Lazio fan and was always looking at Seria A during the kids program at the other channel. After long fights for the remote I decided to give up and just to cheer for their rivals. Few years later the magic happened- an awesome player joined this team and I was even more in love - Francesco Totti. My best memories with the team is winning the Calcho in 2001 and beating all of the rivals later in the years - against Juve 4-1; against Lazio 5-1

The Dream

My wish in Football Manager is to make A.S. Roma a world class team - something like Milan, Barca, Man UTD. However with the financial situation in the team it is hard. The players Roma have are old, but we have some bright future - Lamela, Pjanic, Jose Angel, Kjaer. I decided to build a team around these players and soon to dominate with them. My first season went very well and I finished 3rd in Seria A and won the EC. I was very lucky with all the teams I met in EC - easy group and at the playoffs: Braga, Athletico, OM, PSG. What bothers me is that I was never dominating - I lost or draw all the matches with the rivals and Roma do have a lot of rivals. The only wins were against Lazio - 2:1, Milan 1-0 and Napoli 2:0.

The game so far

In my first season I was using 2 tactics:

- 4-3-3 attacking when I expect to win. Supporing LRB, ballwinning CM, 2 box to box CMLR, 2 defensive forwards and triquesta. The strategy was giving some good results in the first half of the season but I found myself using it less and less later, because I was receiving lot of goals.;

- 4-3-2-1 counter when I expect a draw, a loss or I was playing against rivals. Supporting LRB, ball winning CM,;CMR and advanced playmaker CML, 2 inside forwards and deep lying forward. The strategy was giving me wins but I was never dominating except for the match against Napoli.

Now I want to develop a tactic that makes me play dominating football despite the opposition. I bought some promising players and my idea is to make a 4-1-2-2-1 as it seems this suits best for my players.

First Squad

GK - Maarten Stekelenburg, Gianluca Curcci

DR - Marco Cassetti, Romario, training Emre Can to play RB also but I am not sure if this is the best position and if not I would like some recommendations

DL - Jose Angel, Marc Muniesa, Gabriel Heinze

CD - Simon Kjaer, Nicolas Burdisso, Daniele Rugani, Gabriel Heinze; Marc Muniesa and Emre Can can also play at this position

DM - Daniele De Rossi, Andrea Bertollaci, Perrotta can also play here

CMR - Alan Dzagoev, Mateo Kovacic, Andrea Bertollaci, Amato Ciciretti, Perrotta

CML - Miralem Pjanic, Mateo Kovacic, Vladimir Weiss

AMR - Lamela (I trained him to this position, Luis Enrique uses him here when Totti plays), Iago Falque (I will train him also), Ricardo Kishna, Marco D'Alessandro - training for this position

AML - Osvaldo, Vladimir Weiss, Gianluca Caprari - training for this position

ST - Totti, Bojan, Alberto Paloshci

My new tactic

I want my Roma to be playing like the boys from the neighborhood as they were famous for few years ago. I want them to be very fluid, helping each other, playing aggressive and defending aggressive - fighting for every ball.

Philosophy - Very Fluid;Strategy - Attacking

Passing Style - Shorter Creative Freedom - More Disciplined Clossing Down - Press More Tackling - More Agressive Marking - Zonal Marking Crossing - Default Roaming - More Roaming

Defensive Line - Push up - just after normal
Width - Narrow - just before normal
Tempo - Normal - just before quick
Time Wasting - Sometimes - just before often
Focus Passing - Mixed Counter Attack - Yes Play Offside - Yes Play Maker - MCR Target Man - No

GK - distribute to DCR

DLR - WB - Support
: I want them to fluid with the midfield and organise the attacks with them giving my attack wide options Passing Style - Short; Run from Deep - Often; Run with Ball - Sometimes; Long Shots - Sometimes; Trough Ball - Sometimes, Cross Ball - Often, Cross from - Deep; Wide Play - Normal or Hug Touchline?

CDR - BPD - Cover - I want him to be the first one to get the ball and pass to the DMC who is the playmaker in my strategy. My 2 CDs and my DMC have to be the trio starting the attacks.
Passing Style - Short; Trough Balls - Sometimes

CDL - BPD - Stoper
Passing Style - Short; Trough Balls - Sometimes

DM - DLP - Defend - As I said earlier I want this defensive trio to be the ones the attacks, while my midfield is waiting a bit forward and my Wing Backs are joining the midfield to widen my play.
Passing Style - Short; Run from Deep - Rarely; Run with Ball - Rarely; Long Shots - Rarely; Trough Balls - Sometimes

CMR - CM - Suppor - This player should be with more defensive functions and staying close to the DM to give him a short passing option, helping him to start the attack
Passing Style - Short; Run from Deep - Sometimes; Run with Ball - Sometimes; Long Shots - Rarely; Trough Balls - Often

CML - AP - Attack - My advanced playmaker should be behind my wings and my forward. I want to create a second trio that organizes my attacks - DM, CM and AP, while the Wing Backs are giving wide options at this stage
Creative Freedom - Much;Passing Style - Mixed; Run from Deep - Sometimes; Run with Ball - Sometimes; Long Shots - Rarely; Trough Balls - Often; Cross Ball - Sometimes; Cross from Deep; Wide Play - Move into Channels

AMRL - IF - Attack - My destroyers. They have to be making the defense looks funny, cutting inside between the backs and the central defenders, giving trough balls, making runs with the balls and finishing.
Passing Style - Direct, Run from Deep - Osten, Run with Ball - Sometimes; Long Shots - Rarely; Trough Ball - Sometimes; Cross Ball - Sometimes

ST- AF - Attack - My top scorrer. He makes combinations with the forwards and is often finishing the attacks. Totti has a killer shot and passing.

In Home games against weaker defensive teams I will play in a slower tempo to control the game and hold the ball and create the best chances. In other cases I will play in a faster tempo to try to counter attack as soon as possible. If I want to hold the result I will slow down the tempo and shout to retain possesion, if I need to score I will shout to get the ball forward and increase the tempo - > decrease the time wasting.

Finance strategy

Due to the bad finances I sold already Taddei and Fabio Simplicio. Both of them were serving me well, but they got high salaries and I am using them not as often as I wanted to. I did not offer Cicinho a new contract, because of the same reason. I am planning to sell Juan, Pizarro and Borriello but I think they will want a compensation for their salaries if they are sold. Would it be a good deal to sell these?

As you can see I have very big bench also and I have a lot of potential players, but most of them can join my squad from right now and have an impact. I tried to make a big squad, full with players with low salaries to stabilize my salaries and finances.

Players needed

My problems are at the CD, RB and ST

-Cassetti did a great season but is old already and neither Romario nor Emre Can played well enough, I am going to turn Cassetti into a coach later.

-Bojan is leaving me the next season and I dont think Paloschi is at the class of Totti. Totti is too old and I need a good substitute for him. I tried with Lamela earlier, he scored some but his finishing is not good enough also.Burdisso is getting old and is not playing consistent enough.Any suggestions for ST for the next season. I want him to be something like the old Batistuta or the new Cavani

-I am not rushing with the CD and ST, but I do need a RB right now.

"The five years plan"

In this season I want to qualify for ECC - top 3 finish - and pass the group stages of the ECC. I will test all the new players and hopefully sell the ones I do not like for higher price - most of them I bough for no money or just approached to sign.

At my 3rd season I have to have the final line up ready with the best players possible and repeat what I did in the 2nd season.

At my 4th Season I am aiming to win either Seria A or ECC I will also add some world class players hopefully.

In 5th season I will be aiming for a Double at least and I will be adding only top class players.

Help needed

- Please someone review my tactic and what does not seem logical. Can it be a dominating one?
- Recommend me DR, CB and ST
- Review my players and is there a future with them? Who have the potential for a top class player and who does not?
- Is my finance strategy going to work?
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Dec 30, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
Holy ****, i could possibly help if you manage to paragraph that text, my eyes hurt from trying to read it.
Basically from what I see you have 1 season done and finished 3rd. That is a good achievement for Roma in 1st season as they usually finish in bottom half in my saves.
To dominate teams use a pressing tactic with a deep defensive line. I found this useful playing against the bigger teams. Basically buy young and cheap. Players like Erick Torres, Alberto Paloschi, Andrea Poli, Paulo Dametto and Marco Verratti. Paloschi is a ripe replacement for Batistuta as he can be amazing played as a poacher.Try keep your wages down by flogging any deadwood in your team.
I wouldnt worry too much about finances once your in the CL as thats good revenue each year.


Nov 28, 2011
I ve been trying to edit it, but it keeps logging me out as soon as I am ready with it...

Ok it is edited.
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Apr 30, 2010
Hey insanity,
I'm also playing Roma and from what I read you're doing fairly well. In my first season I won Serie A pretty convincingly, (would have won it with 4-5 games to spare if Inter didn't go on a 22 match unbeaten streak and 9 straight win right at the end of the season). However I got knocked out second round EC by Palermo despite dominating them over two legs.

You won EC, which is a pretty good achievement, I think we are both overachieving since the squad is very old and not very deep and the finances are awful.

I'm surprised at how similar your roma is turning out as I also go Paloschi on a free. But I got rid of Casetti and go Martin Montoya from barca as my rb for the future. Jose Angel becomes a very good LB so keep him. Bertolacci is also a very good youngster who can play deep and advanced playmaker pretty convincingly. I also got Saviola on free and planning to sell either Boriello or Osvaldo (maybe both). I got Sturridge on loan and he was absolutely deadly for me on the right wing.

My advice is work the kinks out in your tactic and your team talks should be good. I know what works for my players. Most of them respond well to assertive tone. Pizarro needs to be encouraged, as well as younger players. Don't praise Stekelenberg even if he plays like superman, he always believes he's underperforming. Warn and fine De Rossi early on before his discipline gets out of control. Never fine for second yellow card sending off. Keep an eye on the match odds and pick team talks accordingly. If you still have Luis Enrique's former assistant because like me you don't want to pay the termination fee, don't listen to his team talk advice, he absolutely sucks.

Build around De Rossi, Kjaer, Bertolacci, Jose Angel, Stekelenberg and Lamela. Forget Pjanic (he's pretty close to his ceiling and not that good). All you really need is a great CB, RB (i got that covered),CM, AMR and ST.
Get Boyata on loan (insert future fee, he's about 5 mil right in second season). Loan Wilshere or Ramsey (one of them should be available) sturridge on loan and a central striker on loan Adebayor, Carroll, are all usually available second season - or pandev is you prefer a more mobile striker.
Get the finances under control and soon you'll be able to actually buy top talent. You're on the right track just keep it up.
Also don't worry about not dominating other teams, you don't have the players to do so yet. I mostly scraped by on very consistent 1-2 goal wins.

Also did you get any good players from the academy?
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Nov 28, 2011
Dude, I wish I readed your post earlier, especially for De Rossi. My discipline sucked at the second season.

I do not know what is happening to my team, but my second season was amazing. I won Seria A after losing the first game in the season and then my players went on streak without lose for about 30 games and I played Semi Finals in the ECC against Chelsea. Barely lost with 2-0 away game and 2-1 home game when I got a goal at arround 80th minute. In the groups I finished first and Barcelona 2nd (1-0 home and lost 5-4 aways). I beat OM 1-0; 0-0 and then Man UTD 0-0; 2-1. I was able to win games even with 10 or 9 players. I hold draw with Napoli as a guest with 9 players :).I guess keeping the morale high is really important.

My board sold Paloschi to Napoli in the January window for 9 mils and I was mad. I bought Abel Hernandes for 39 milions (inluding payment for 48 months) and he started scorring right away. Also Bojan, although taking not so much playing time, was banging on regular basis.

The problems I have right now is the lack of discipline. Abel, Daniele, Weiss and Osvaldo are booked almost every match including my defense. My players are complaining about it. The good thing is that the season ended. Bojan also does not want to join the club permanently after his loan ended and I need a quality player like him in my rotation. He was able to play at every role in my formation and was really my 4th Forward. Whenever someone is injured or booked he was able to take his place and perform excellent.

My current line up is:

GK - Stekelemburg got injured for 5 months and his stats dropped drastically, I think I have to sell him
- Curcci had an excellent season, but I still need another goalkeeper. That German talent joined Schalke.

RB - Cassani and Romario is going back from loan from Shtuttgard. Cassetti retired and is going to be a coach in my team. I sold Rosi long ago. I think I have good players at this possition. I might look for a cheap 3rd player.

LB - Jose Angel was my best player last season with avarage rating 7.38. I also have Mark Muniesa for replacement and Heinze is a player/Coach and also performing well when left to play. This possition is also well covered.

CB - Astori, Kjaer, Burdisso, Rugani. Astori and Kjaer had a very good season forming an amazing central back duo. When someone of them was missing Burdisso played fairly well too. However Burdisso wants too much money to renew his contract, but I might keep him. Rugani played ok first half of the season and was send on loan at Triestina at second half doing also ok. The thing is that there is a rumor that Real Madrid want Kjaer for 40 mils and that makes me thing I will have problems with him and maby even forced to sell him. I might need a replacement here.


De Rossi - plays very well but often with a red card
Bertalocci - playes almost as good as De Rossi but often injured
Emre Can - plays OK and I am not OK with this
Dzagoev - this guy is amazing, but his fitness sucks. He played in less than 1/3 of the matches. However when he plays he always has excellent performance.
Pjanic - has arround 7 performance and I am happy with him.
Kovacic - he will be my first AM this season as he is performing slightly better than Pjanic.
Cicciretti - people say he is going to become 9. However his stats are bad atm and I do not know when he is going to get there.
Perrotta - he is retiring and joining my coaching team.

As you see I have no CM in my strategy with DLP, CM and AP. I am rotating everyone in that possition but no one is doing good there. I want a suggestion for a player that can contribute right away. I want him also to have well balanced stats with good tackling, marking and work rate. Valencia are not selling Andrea Poli, nor I can buy Javi Martines. Give me a suggestion for a really good CM that can contribute right away. Price doesnt matter.

IFL - Weiss, Osvaldo are having good games. Scoring arround 10 goals per season. Both are fighting for the first team.
IFR - Lamela is like Weiss and Osvaldo - I am very happy with how he performs and he is in a good relationship with half the team
- Iago Falque - loves me as a person. He is a decent substitute for Lamela. Does great against bad oppositions but not so good against good ones.
- Ricardo Kishna - this goes develops well. Had a decent contribution last season. I will give him a try. However I am worried about his Physical stats.

ST - Abel Hernandes - amazing Poacher. Scorring machine. Bangs a goal almost every game.
- Totti - he is old and is not able to play a full match anymore. He is my favourite player, but he cant contribute well anymore. However he is my first in game sub for Abel Hernandes. When Abel is not scorring Totti comes as a sub and scores.

In my attack I need a player that can replace Abel when he is booked or injured. Also he has to be able to replace Lamela when he is injured. I need him left footed quick or a high technical player - someone like Bojan to be more clear.

I got D'Alexandro who I am thinking if I should keep or sell. He has low finnishing to be the player that I need in my forwards and I can sell him for arround 7 mil which is not bad for a player of his caliber.

Transfer budget arround 50 mils. Might need top players at these possitions - CB (if I sell Kjaer I will have the money to cover him),CM, left foot forward that can play as ST, IFR. Suggestions if I should keep Stekelenburg who has stats dropping and with whom I can replace him.


Nov 3, 2011
Im starting a Roma save and I'm definitely going to follow this thread, any suggestions from first season tactics/transfers ?

machrus yus

Sep 1, 2011
Hey MAte... sorry for the Late Post...
but I was so interested in your thread this time cos im trying to rebuild AS Roma :D
as you know in reality AS Roma tried a Possesion-Football... These few images of my managing this club for 2 months...

View attachment 248817View attachment 248818

Sell out useless players as much as possible to increase ur budget...
n always use "48 monthly installment" for the transfers... just buy the player for long-term^^)


Dec 1, 2010
great save you got there but why dont you buy andrea poli.. amazing replacement for de rossi. worldclass stats already shouldnt cost more than 10 million.

A. J. Crowley

Dec 24, 2010
I think you overpaid for Abel Hernandes
For that kind of money you could've gotten Jovetic, who is twice (atleast) the player Hernandes is

For the midfield - it's a pity you missed out on Poli, he's great. Look into the french youngsters - Sissoko, Martin, M'vila
Also, I think you've set up the roles the kinda weird
Oh and the red card issue is bound to occur when you use aggresive tackling. Dial that back to normal atleast

Finally, I like to give my full backs attacking roles so they can better exploit the space my inside forwards open when they cut inside

gogogo golem

Mar 15, 2012
Any players that you just need deep cover for just buy a cheap regen that can develop from U20 and reserve football and occasionally play in the first team.

machrus yus

Sep 1, 2011
great save you got there but why dont you buy andrea poli.. amazing replacement for de rossi. worldclass stats already shouldnt cost more than 10 million.
yept !! ur right mate !! we need some DLP or AP for possession-football...
and Roma have some players like that is able to fill, like Pjanic, david pizzaro, n maybe gago (he has great on passing)
for Andrea Poli, since the beginning of the game I really want to sign him . . . but Inter have taken with loan it first and a clause to buy... how u can sign him?

btw, de rossi n poli so different... de rossi great for anchorman or ball winning, but polli has better for DLP