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How do YOU play Lower League Management?


May 24, 2010
I have found from this version and previous versions that balance and squad harmony are vital. I've used similar tactics and formations in all FM's and CM's but I think if you do a QPR and go out signing 15+ players when you go up a division, it really affects your performances. Look at Swansea and Norwich. The key is to strengthen in areas which are substandard and to keep those players who performed well in the lower league firmly in place. If the players you sign can score 40 goals in the BSP then there is no reason to doubt that they'd get at least half that in L2 - expecially if you play them as poacher and expect 1 on 1's with the keeper.

I'm playing with Newport County and am 15 games away from 3 back-to-back promotions - winner of BSP, runner-up in L2 and currently topping L1. You might think that Assistant Manager has a point when he gives your Right-back 2 stars, but if he's given you a solid show in your previous season, let him play on.


Jan 18, 2012
Hey all this is a brilliant thread ..... there is nothing better than the idea of taking a lowly team to ULTIMATE glory , I done it in Championship Manager 00/01 with Telford , i took them to world club cup glory in 9 seasons .
Anyhow the reason why i wrote on here , what are the best stats for coaches and assistant manager? CHeers


Sep 26, 2012
Hello, new LLM, playing with Norton & Stockton Ancients with one of the lower level leagues edits ;)

I try and keep a lot of consistency and team harmony. When I first arrive at the club its absolute bedlam, and I'll change a lot of personnel, but after that unless I've utterly cocked up I'll keep core players for as long as I can and only sign a couple of first teamers a season. A good player in the lower leagues is usually still decent after promotion.

One tip - always get a pacey striker in the lower leagues. Even if his finishing is dreadful, it's good for relieving pressure and getting the rest of the team forward. He'll also be useful for all those hopeful long balls that get played at that level :)

Also, the opposition can't score if your pacey striker is clear in their half, hoofing it over the stand after running up half the pitch for the fifth time that game :p

I learned that trick with Matthew Clements in FM 2005. What a player he was..

I don't tend to trust the assistants that much, though they seem a lot more on the ball then they used to be. Nonetheless, mine is still giving my 30 goal a season striker Steven Horsey a 1 1/2 star ability rating!