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How to remove the fiancial fair play penalties at a save start?


Oct 27, 2011
Hey guys,

Does someone know how to remove the first financial fair play penalties? (probably set in the editor)

I always start a save by deactivating the first transfer window to always play in game with the real life squad. When we arrive in October or November, all the clubs boards give a transfer budget, except PSG, City, Benfica, Malaga... I guess it must be due to that.
The thing is I'm a PSG supporter and always play with this team and at the end of the season, the board gives a transfer budget that you can't adjust with the wage budget, which is quite a pain when you want to negociate contract with top players. It makes it at least 2 years with this handicap while in the meantime all the other clubs are recruiting.

As you know, the PSG penalties have been removed by the FIFA in June (even City seeing the Sterling, De Bruyne and Otamendi transfers), so do you know how I can keep the financial fair play in game but remove the 2 years penalties we start the game with? (and stay as close as the reality

Is there people playing with Man City and having this problem?

Thanks guys


Dec 16, 2010
Looks like you will have to enable first transfer tactics if they are hardcoded mate. You could arrange that the players come in January or at the end of the year though, if you want it to feel more authentic, that way you can both recruit and also play with the current squad