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Italian football clubs face match-fixing probe.. Again


Nov 28, 2011
What surprises me is that only Italy investigates their football, when it is obvious that not only there games are fixed. On the bright side according to the Italian Football Federation the Seria A is already clean and as you notice the teams in the new investigation are from Seria B.

I think that what happens in Italy and their football was a big shock for their teams. However after everything is clean the teams slowly start improving and Seria A will get once again the best football league as it was before Calcopolli. In fact this season in Italy is one of the best seasons I have watched in 20 years. Juve building a new stadium and Roma announcing that they have a project for their own stadium too only tips that most of the teams are on the right way of financial development. And I am sure such investigations as Calccopolli will start in the other leagues after few years, while the Italian football will be recovered from it.