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Looking for an auction game thread


Saving the World
Dec 20, 2008
If you're not a regular on the forum but would like to start/participate an auction game, this is the thread where u can organise auction games between other members.

Give the following Information:
Time Zone:
Willing to:
make the database/be the person to receive bids (can't participate in the auction)/both/neither

These two threads are good examples of how to lay out your auction game and show how they work: Jake's Wonderkid auction game & Mine of course

Here is Dunc's description of what an auction game is:
The basic concept of the Auction game is that a team is given a Budget of £500m to buy 16 players, a manager, and a stadium. If a player manages to buy 16 players, they will be given 5 back up players, who will be randomly selected by me of the players that are left that I haven't put up for bidding. People can request certain players I haven't put up for bidding as back up players, and these will come on a first come first serve basis, but this will not be happening untill 16 days of bidding has finished. If a team doesn't reach the 16 players, or buys more than, they will be given less back up players, one for each player under or over the limit they are, so if you get 14 players, you get 3 back ups. The most players you can sign is 21, but then you will fail to get any back up players.

Bidding will consist of me posting normally:

3 GK
5/6 DF
6/7 MD
4/5 ST
2 Managers

2 Stadiums

You can bid on:

1 GK
3 DF
3 MD
2 ST
1 Manager
1 Stadium

You need to sign one manager, and one manager only. If you don't sign a manager, you will be given a random one at my discression, but they will be no where near the standard of manager in the auction.

Stadiums are there for your teams to earn more money, have more fans at your games, and generally for you to show off. There will be a varied range of stadiums, including most of the top European stadiums, aswell as International stadiums e.g Wembley. I will move all stadiums to England before the game starts, to cut down on traveling. If you don't buy a stadium, you will be given a 25k seater with no space to improve it and in a state of decline. So I suggest buying one. :)

After 16 rounds has been concluded, there will be 2 days where people can trade or sell back players. If you wish to sell back a player, you will be given 50% of the value you paid for them, and they will be put back up for auction after these two days, for a further day, for other people to bid on them.

Once this has all finished, I shall start a story, where all the teams will be in a league with two cups, and I will update the story every 2 months of holidaying, and showing you how your teams are doing. I am expecting to do 6 seasons. Teams will have moderate youth facilities and training.

I am not participating to keep the integrity of the game to it's maximum potential.


Nov 28, 2008
Lol I was thinkin about starting one of these threads never got round to it though, Nice one :D we all know we will still get some threads about it but hopefully not many !

And dunc is Special though :D


Sep 17, 2005
Hopefully this will stop the vast amount of them that are being created.

A* Manager

Dec 27, 2010
Was wondering if anyone was thinkin of starting an Auction game for the 'Lesser Known' members as alot of people with low post counts have been (understandably) overlooked in alot of other games.

I would start one myself but don't have the sufficient experience to make it successful.


Feb 24, 2010
Time Zone:London, Belfast.
Willing to: Participate, over four hundred posts and continualy on the site.

Oli J

Jul 29, 2011
so this auction game..... it goes on here on the forum, with the creator as editor ?