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Magnificent Seven Clan - EPL

JP Chenet

Aug 7, 2011
Looking for two new members...

FM11 (latest patch) until happy to switch to FM12

Monday: No game
Tuesday: 1900-2200
Wednesday: No game
Thursday: 1900-2200
Friday: No game
Saturday: No game
Sunday: every other week 1900-2200

website: http://www.spanglefish.com/magnificentsevenclan
(contact details there too)

Reliable co-hosts ensuring the game is always there before plays resumes (giving you a bit of time to scout etc...)

Clan Rules

• The session times will be Tuesdays, Thursdays 7-10pm every week and every other Sunday 7-10pm. Game times may run later with the full agreement of the session-participating clan members.

• All players to log into Skype at 18.45-19.00hrs. Mic preferred.

• The IP address will be posted on Skype if it has changed from the last session. Never give out IP to anyone outside the game unless the host has given them permission.

• Permission must be asked through Skype to join the game, don't connect to host without asking as this can crash the game.

• If you’re not playing and others are waiting you will be put on holiday mode or dropped from the game.

• If your game crashes while playing ask the host when you can join back in again to prevent the host from crashing. Complaining to host if the crashes will not do anyone any favours.

• Each member of the clan is asked to post an update at least once a month. http://www.sigames.com[/url].

Game Settings and Preferences

• All players are to be using FM2011 with Official patches only.

• To keep the game moving as fast as possible the following settings must be on all pc's…
the following things as showing below:

in preferences: 1 general - only tick compress saved games & threading
2 display / sound - Show Player and staff set to none, and have only use skin cache & sort bookmarks ticked
3 network - only tick use sat & weds gamedays
• No passwords.

• All new manager reputations must be set to ‘Auto’.

Game Rules

• New players joining the clan must choose a team lower in the division than current players.

• If you're not playing and others are waiting, you will be put on holiday mode or dropped from game.

• Never arrange friendlies, Assistant must be set to arrange them.

• Friendly matches must be handled by assistants, as well as press conferences, unless playing a fellow human or a rival club.

• Matches are to be played on the maximum speed with Key highlights. No replays.

• Corners must be set to ‘mixed’.

• Auto-continue is used after 60% of online players have continued, the host has the right to force anyone after a certain length of time. Ask if you need time, anyone who repeated slows the game down to a point were they are ruining it for the rest you may be asked to leave. With the idle function in FM11 anyone found idle for a prolonged amount of time will be forced or put on holiday on match day.

• Transfer of players and staff from Human teams to Human teams must be agreed by both managers and not their assistants. This includes youth players.

• You can declare interest in any job, but if declaring on a job held by a human player you can only apply to that job and no other. You must take the job if offered, so no declaring to get someone sacked then refusing the job.

• If sacked you have 4 weeks (real time) to find a club. If you fail to find a club you can retire, then re-join the game with your previous name and new mark (i.e. Juan II or Juan IV etc).

• Cheating will not be tolerated. If found cheating you may be asked to leave the clan.

• Any other rules may be decided upon with the majority vote of the clan.
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