Major League Soccer on FMH2014 - RELEASED!

Dec 4, 2011
Major League Soccer - Eastern Conference

Welcome to the Major League Soccer Database

It is a Database that is based on the Australian set up with 10 teams in the league we have put the 10 sides from the Eastern Conference into that top league which has 27 games each and then a Series Final which is between the top six teams!

A Western Conference will be made aswell!

The Retina file includes logos but the SD & WVGA version doesnt as yet!


Now with the 'australia' file this needs to replace the original 'australia' file!

Search in your file manager for this folder 'fmh2014_data/data/database/' in here rename the australia folder to 'australia1'

Now copy and paste the downloaded MLS database into that same folder and that will set the game to load the database when you select Australia to load in the game!

For logos which is Retina only for now you need to go into the Logos folder in the zipped folder you downloaded and copy the 19 logos into the folder 'fmh2014_data/data/logos_ipad/clubs/' and for the MLS competition logo it. Needs to go into this folder 'fmh2014_data/data/logos_ipad/comps/'

Thank You to JayMarvels for the Fantastic Pre-Editor

hope you guys enjoy this database!!

Also a side note, nothing can be done about finances I'm afraid!

Download Below

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