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Manchester City 98-99 - English Giant Start Over

Jun 28, 2012
Manchester City 98-99 - English Giant Start Over
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Custom Database Introduction
"Manchester City have been given the chance to have a do-over, Joe Royle has stepped down from his role as Manager, to be the Assistant Manager. They have returned to Maine Road, attendance 34,996 (all-seater) with the potential attendance to rise to 70,000 upon the next re-build. You have been given the same squad they had back in their definitive season, whilst their bitter rivals where fighting on for their infamous treble, Manchester City were fighting for the survival, having been regulated from the old Division One the season before. City took the old Division Two by storm, and Joe Royle was a famous man on the blue half of Manchester. Despite their brilliant performances throughout the season, their away form forced them to have to go through, what is probably the best Play-Off runs of all time, where...well you know what happened!"

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My Personal Challenge

I aim to re-build Manchester City to the giants they are now and using the players from that era made it more appealing to me. I am hoping to have a club that producing alot of talent and hopefully eliminate the need to spend the big money available.

Custom Database Link

Please post any requests for this database (any players you think i am missing as i know their will be a few, please post up all the details you can find on the player to help me with editing/creating them in the db)

Feel free to follow my aims or alternatively create your own personal challenge around this database whilst using this a thread to discuss performances and general chat.​


Sep 13, 2014

hi i've been trying to find a retro fm update for a while as i want to build my beloved manchester city from the ground up just like we have in real life, only without all the money this time! anyway was hoping someone has kept at this database?