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Matchday Glitch


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Jun 30, 2009
Why is this in the Network Games thread? FFS. It's mean to be in Technical Help. ):

Has anyone else had a glitch where you cannot leave the match? I've had it twice in two days now and it's annoying, I've already had to restart once now I'll have to go back to my last save.. Whenever that was.

Basically I just cannot leave the match.. And no matter what I try [holidaying, retiring, all the "leave match" buttons] nothing works. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and if there is a way of fixing it without having to quit?

Also, to make things worse my matched finished 0-0 despite me scoring a goal. The goal is on the highlight real and on the "latest scores" section but I had to give my team talk as we had drew 0-0.. Not that it matters considering I can't even leave the game.

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