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Feb 21, 2009
middlesbrough - 1996/97 (FA Cup runner Up)
Coventry - 1986/86
Derby - 1974/75
Sheff Wed - 1991/92 (Double runner-up of both FA Cup & League Cup)
Blackburn 1994/95
Nottingham Forest - 1978/79 & 1979/80

that's all I can think of


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Aug 22, 2011
Please tell me you did the Magical Magyars that taught England a footballing lesson in the 50's!!??? :D


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Jul 9, 2012

All players will be assigned to a Legend club where possible, even if they only played a season there. Players will be aged in the following manner:

Year of ____ Age in
Birth _______ Game

36-41 ______ 26
42-46 ______ 25
47-51 ______ 24
52-56 ______ 23
57-61 ______ 22
62-66 ______ 21
67-71 ______ 20
72-76 ______ 19
77-81 ______ 18
82-86 ______ 16
87-91 ______ 15
92- ________ 14

So, say, Pele, who was born in 1940, will be 26 in game (or 25, depending on birthday). Platini, born in 1955, will be 23 and Dennis Bergkamp, born in 1969 will be 20.

Again, I have to admit to getting some help. All player ratings so far are based around these excellent posts on Xtratime Community : Welcome by a really great researcher called Dearman:

1. INDEX : Positional Rankings Of All-Time Greats - Xtratime Community

2. INDEX : All-Time International Squads - Xtratime Community

I should add that all of the player in post 1 above who qualify as modern legends are already in the database.

Anyway, thanks for reading all of this, please contact me if you feel like helping out in some way, hopefully we can get a few people together and make this into a really great database. Tomorrow I will post some pictures from the game, if you have any requsts for what you would like to see, post them and I will try and put them up.

Hello, I'm Dearman from First of all, I've to mention thanks to refer my work in such a famous game Football Manager. It is honourable and more than appreciated to see my work as a part to fulfill my dream in FM game. I actually ever created all-time national squads in CM 00 - 01 editor by myself but it is not much fun since I cannot control players to be moved between national teams in which is actually a club status. Now, I'm looking for playing these legendary teams. Thanks for your great work also.

Anyway, is there a chance to include some big legends between 1930s - 1950s ? If Players like Giuseppe Meazza would appear in Italy team, Di Stefano and Jose Manuel Moreno in Argentina team, Ferenc Puskas, Gyorgi Sarosi, Laszlo Kubala, etc in Hungary team, it would be a perfect team XI. I'm welcome to help creating of these legends.
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Feb 16, 2009

C:\Users\Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data

Changed the username to your username.

Then start new game and select change to include the changes!
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Dec 14, 2009
Great effort mate. I am currently creating my own legends database as well. I noticed a few things though. Most of the players PAs are overboard. You have to use the PAs given in the game as a reference point. Cassilas is 183, and you gave scmichael 200? Buffon 194 as well. The PA's have to be realistic. I played using your databse and the games were finishing like 7-5 evrythime. There is no balance in any of the player stats. For example, I've been a united fan since 1985, and I can tell you that Peter schmicaels composure and concentration should be no more than 13 and his Maximiunm ability (PA) should be no more than 190 wrt buffon and cassilas. Messi is 199 in the game, so cruyff should be about a 198, maradona shoiuld ne the only 200 realistically to make up for him being in Napoli. Lev should be 196 max. Dunno. Valdes is 170s you gave Zubi 180+? really? Zubizaretta should be max 178, valdes is arguably better! Its a great try but some of the values are too much.


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Apr 16, 2012
Sorry I've not been on here for a while, been busy with other things. I am still working on this, I've added 50ish players at the moment, but I'm going to be away for 2 months, so I will not be able to answer any posts, but hopefully I'll have some time to add a lot more players.


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Jun 27, 2012
Really good but the Man United defense looks a little light, if you added the greatest ever player of Duncan Edwards this download would be amazing, I grant you that he died in 1958 ( a bit earlier than than you game goes up to), but he would have gone on to great things in the late sixties like Charlton, who you have in your database, thank you!


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Jan 8, 2009
Are you including the likes of Toshack and Aldridge as well in the Liverpool side?

Also a legends database is never truely complete unless every side in all the top leagues is done, plus the more famous ones in the lower leagues.

A quicker way to get around this is to create your own competition which just includes the edited sides, say the 'Legends Premier League' then the 'Legends division one' and simply delete pretty much every other side in the game


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Nov 10, 2010
Great fun!! i have noticed one little thing though. On my arsenal save not only am i participating in the champions league but also the europa league... lol
but im not complaining, i quite like the idea of it though