My Best Season Yet (Liverpool F.C.)


Jul 26, 2009
This is my first post here on FMBase, so i hope i'm doing it okay

This Story is just about one season as Liverpool, the 2013/14 season which i just completed. I won the Premier Division and the European Champions Cup (lost on penalties in both the League Cup and FA Cup in the Semi Finals -.-' ) but the acheivements my players made are awesome.
My manager's name is Ash Gaunt and he's been in control of LFC since 2009 and manager of Brazil since 2011, when Dunga was sacked for not winning Cópa America.

First of all, my team. I have very few first-team players, only 17, but i use my reserve and Under-18 teams for backup. My first-team consists of:

José Manuel Reina - Awesome goalkeeper, wouldn't dream of selling him. He's been here since i started managing LFC.

Daniel Agger - A great DC and OK as a DL. He's also been here since i started.

Jamie Carragher - 36 years old and still playing fine . He is considering of becoming a coach, which i agree with since i need another coach

Gonzalo Rodriguez - He arrived at the Kop in the 2010/11 season from Villarreal. He has been outstanding alongside Agger.

Philipp Lahm - Also arrived in the 2010/11 season from FC Bayern. I retrained him so he can play D R/L. He is very important if Johnson and Hélan are injured

Glen Johnson - Been here since i arrived. A really good player and one of my favourites.

Jérémy Hélan - just arrived in the January window in 2014 from Roma. A very promising youngster.

Gökhan Inler - I adore this guy. Arrived in the 2011/12 window from Udinese. He is always being booked and sometimes he gets a red card, but when the guy scores its always a screamer from 20-40 yards away

Javier Masherano - Wouldn't dream of selling him. Perfect for my team, in both MC and DMC positions.

Xabi Alonso - His contract ended suddenly in the 2012/13 summer window, so i just had to sign him, a great assister but got a long term injury and played very little in my 2013/14 season

Alberto Aquilani - Kinda like Inler, scores absolute screamers, but of course i play him in the AMC position. Quite like him

Steven Gerrard - LEGEND!! I love this guy. Retrained him to play M RC and AM RC. A dominating player, great passes and awesome long shots. A genius Playmaker. 34 years old and shows no signs of stopping.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Hahaha! He arrived here in the 2011/12 summer window for a record fee of 90.000.000 pounds, and in his first league game he scored a Hat-Trick against ManUtd I laughed so hard! He's been great, filling out AM R and L.

David Silva - The Spanish star. Signed him in the 2010/11 summer window. Since then he has been assisting and scoring like a fine player. He just IS there, if you know what i mean. Almost never gets injured and owns the AM L position.

Nicolaj Kølhert - A danish youth player. Plays AM LC and sometimes i make him play MC too. A fine player, and at only 21 years he has many years to better himself

Alex Cooper - Another youth, this one coming from Scotland. My reserve striker. He's tough, rarely gets injured so he is the perfect reserve striker Only 20 years old!

Fernando Torres - A perfect goalscorer, great assister and an awesome player all around. He has been scoring like crazy, breaking 50 year old records and such. With him and Gerrard in my team in perfect condition, i can't lose!

first of all, i lost some players. Martin Skrtel went to Juventus, Lauri Dalla Valle went to Inter, and my Hot Prospect, Vítor Flora, went to R. Madrid (curse them!). even though i lost these 3 "key" players i bought no one.
The season started well, i dominated the friendlies.

Liverpool - Chievo 8 - 0
Liverpool - LOSC Lille Métropole - 4-0
Liverpool - Tranmere 5-0
Liverpool - Millwall 6-0
Liverpool - Werder Bremen 5-2

Then the season started and i went on a 10 game winning streak, beating teams such as Man Utd (3-0, Community Shield) Man City (3-1, European Super Cup) Roma and At. Madrid ( 4-1 and 4-0, European Champions Cup) until finally losing to Man City in the Premier Division 0-1, with a late goal from Mario Balotelli.
The only other game i lost was against Tottenham, which have a strong team, and i made some embarrasing draws against Wolves, Middlesborough and Blackburn, and some okay draws against Chelsea and Man Utd.
I thrashed the Club World Championship, winning my games 7-0 and 4-0, lost the League Cup and FA Cups (but i really don't care about them), won the Premier Division and almost lost the ECC to Arsenal, but just beat them in the end.

But i don't really care about the games overall, this season was awesome because of my players.
They scored an overall of 206 (!) goals, of which 128 came in the English Premier Division and Torres scored an amazing 72 of those 206 goals in 56 appearances!!. Plus, Reina only conceded 51 goals in 63 appearances, which i think is pretty good since he is my only goalkeeper.

Torres scored 49 of those 72 goals in the EPL, beating the record of "Top League Goalscorer", previously held by Roger Hunt since 1961/62 (41 goals). He was of course the lead scorer in the EPL and also in the ECC (16 goals). He also had 26 assists and was voted MoM 21 times (another record broken, "Most MoM in a Season") His 72 goals in a Season is also a record for "Top Goalscorer". Certainly a lethal player.

Gerrard also had a superb season. He may only have scored 19 goals in all competitions, but he made another 47 assists, which owned the previous record of "Most Assists", held by Gerrard. 29 of those assists came in the EPL and he had the most assists in both EPL and ECC (29 and 9)

Since Ash Gaunt has taken over, Liverpool have won some competitions.

English Premier Division - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
European Champions Cup - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Club World Championship - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
European Super Cup - 2012, 2013
English Community Shield - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
League Cup - 2012, 2013
FA Cup - 2010, 2011, 2013

Ash Gaunt has also won the "Confederations Cup" in 2013 and i'm hoping to win the "World Cup" this summer

Ash Gaunt is currently the second best manager in the hall of fame with 660 points. The top manager is of course Alex Ferguson with 857 points.

You can view some screenshots of my season (13 in total) in the following link:

Thanks for reading


Jul 26, 2009
i've won alot of competitions in the past 6 years, and i've sold loads of players too

i've won 25 competitions, and i meant 5 years
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I'm back!!!!!
Mar 14, 2009
leave the guy alone he has done well it sounds like youre jealous! well done m8 you deserve the success not people labelling you a cheat! please be sure to read my liverpool story the link is below on my sig


Jul 26, 2009
i didn't say you were calling me a cheater. and Liverpool gives you 1m the 1st season, this was the end of season 5 and i've won EPL and ECC five times each, which gives 20m or so for victory + TV rights and some wins in smaller competitions
and i sold some players


Apr 14, 2009
All of you saying he's cheated, use your freaking brain cells. He's won 25 competitions in 5 seasons, that's a lot of money. Try and think before accusing someone. 25 competitions prize money in 5 seasons is loads.