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New pc build help and advice to load all players


Nov 26, 2008
Hi I enjoy playing football manager and I now have the funds to build a good computer, I am after some advice with the following:

How many cpu cores can football manager use?
*was thinking of an intel i7-6950X 10 core cpu, however the price puts me off purchasing does it offer any advantage over a quad core i7 to my football manager game?

maximum ram used?
*Does this make much difference should i get large amounts like 64gb? or will settling for 16gb be okay? Last I looked football manager was limited is this still the case?

Graphics Card?
*The new gtx1080 cards look amazing and was thinking about purchasing for future VR gaming however will this offer an advantage in football manager or should I settle for a different card and forget about VR altogether to keep cost down?

*I was looking at the Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Socket 2011-v3 8-Channel HD Audio Extended ATX Motherboard if i was to go expensive with the I7-6950x but if you lot recommend downgrading my potential rig what motherboard will be good?

All I want to do is be able to load all players and whizz through without the painfully slow loading times, ideally can I load all leagues and achieve this too?