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Pentagon Challenge


Jan 5, 2012
So, what is the Pentagon Challenge? Well you load up a new game with your reputation set as Sunday League and you start Unemployed. Your task is then to go on throughout that career and win all 5 of the continental Champions Leagues. Easy right? Well why not give it a go. You may be asked to upload your save game if cheaters are suspected and someone really wants to go through that hassle or if someone thinks that your game sounds interesting. Of course FMRTE isn't allowed in this game and anyone found using it will be disqualified. There are also a few additional challenges you can set yourself while doing this to make it even more challenging:

Sustainable Management - You keep things within budget. No big spending, try and not take your team over its wage budget. You can try and make a profit each year on transfers, very Harry Redknapp-esque.
Nationalistic Management - No foreigners. Try and do it by only signing players that are from the country your team are from.
APLA - The Anti-Premier League Alliance. You do not load England in your game, at all. Only real men don't load England.

Feel free to discuss your games in here and ask for any help. I'd also like to point out I didn't come up with this challenge, I have seen it on other websites and I believe it was on here last year.

Points System
Win the League Title - 100 points
Win a Domestic Cup - 50 points
Win a Champions League - 250 pointsWin the CL with a team who hasn't before - Bonus 200
Complete the Challenge - 1000 points
Achieve national management - 50 points
Win the World Cup - 200 points
Win the Continental Cup (African Cup of Nations, Gold Cup, Euro's...) - 100 points

Credit to seanburns92 for this description from last year's forum, and to whoever the original concept came fromThe save does take a long time and FM Classic mode may be used if that's what you prefer, but take an initial 1000 point deduction.


Feb 1, 2014
I decided finally to start this Challenge, my first club is FC Kiwi from Samoa, I've never heard more about football in Oceania, so this is going to be fun :D