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Jul 7, 2010
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Laffles again.

This is my second Philosophy kit. Based on the Brazilian style of play.
I apologise that it isnt as in depth as the first as this was single handed.
It contains 3 tactics.

4-2-4 Attack
This is the 'standard' tactic.
It plays nice, attractive football. Scores goals and is solid in defence.
This is the default tactic of the 3 and should be used to start games.

4-2-4 Counter
This is the more defensive tactic.
It plays the same style of football, yet draws the opponent into the game and crushes them on the counter.
Should be used if your being hammered by an attacking team.

4-2-4 Overload
This tactic is devoted to scoring goals.
And yeah, its good at this.
Faster and more aggressive than the others, it piles players forward and hammers the defence.
The opposition will be prone to making more mistakes due to the pure pressure.
Should be used ONLY if you need a goal.

Please give feedback, post screenshots and most importantly, have fun!