Possible Managers Lounge?

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Dec 28, 2009
This is just something for mods and users alike to think about.
I've just been on susie (sortitoutsi) and while browsing through their story section, i've noticed that they have a section entitled "Managers Lounge".

Basically what this section is for is instead of people posting stories where they just write about achievements and then get their thread closed and mods annoyed with them they follow a short template well they summarise their game season by season; kinda like the one below:

Club = Liverpool
Season = 2006/07
Board expectation = Top Table Finish
Players in = 3 (£11m)
Players out = 10 (£8m)
League record = Pos 3rd, W 22, D 10, L6, F 75, A 19, Pts 76
FA Cup = Round 5
League Cup = Round 3
Champions League = Semi Finals
Super Cup = Winners
World Club Cup = Winners

As you cansee; this is much simpler than your standard story and doesn't require the commitment that your standard story does; it also allows people who don't have the time to write a descriptive novel about their football manager game but does allow them to showcase their football manager abilities without the hassle.

so does anyone else think this would be a good idea?

Not open for further replies.