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Problem with semi-pro status


Sep 8, 2021
My game is plagued by a minor inconvenience that I hope I’ll be able to solve with your help. I’m currently playing Czech lower leagues (all the way up to the 5th) using Tenshih’s improved database. I was able to advance Český Těšín from the 5th to the 4th during which the club’s status climbed from „amateur“ to „semi-professional“. Usually, when you reach the semi-pro status, you’re granted the ability to close part-time deals and the players loose the ability to to get easily dragged off by another club for free. This time, however… While offering a deal, omegle xender the option to choose the type of contract is greyed-out even though it’s working properly with other semi-pro clubs. For more, see the screenshots down below. I’d also like to point out that the other – properly functioning – clubs have the same reputation, background, and so on… I was also able to get the regular income of 2400 pounds. Any ideas as to what’s happening here?
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