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Settings automatically changing

Dein Idol

Nov 14, 2015
Hi all,

got one or two problmes.

First, the filter in the tactics overview to exlude the players not at the club. I'm clicking the option after a while it is showing all the players I send out on loan again.

Second, the tick off at the team training for resting before a match. I tick off that they don't get that rest but after every match it is ticked again.

I checked the preferences didn't found anything. For the training stuff I looked in the responsibilities of the staff but I have all training responsibilities myself.

Can't find anything. Was never the case in 2015.

Anybody with similiar problems?

Thanks for the help

Edit: When starting the game I have to accapt the EULA, and all that stuff everytime as well.

I guess it is getting registered/changed somewhere?
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