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Specs to play FM21


Nov 25, 2020
Can you tell me if these specs can play FM21?

- RENEWED HP Professional Desktop PC with Intel Quad Core i5 3.1 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive, DVD, Windows 10 Home (with all necessary cables)


Nov 16, 2020
Any PC will run FM, just at different speeds. That PC (Intel i5 2400 specifically) will be pretty slow, but the price-performance ratio is decent.

Basically just look at the GHz for FM and add ~10% for each new iteration (instructions-per-cycle improvements). For instance, i5 2400 = 3.2GHz (turbo all core). i5 10700K = 4.7GHz (turbo all core) x 1.7 (7 new iterations since i5 2400) = 7.99 GHz. It'll be a bit off, but it's pretty accurate.

An important exception is the latest AMD CPUs which have a 20% instructions-per-cycle improvement on previous gen, making them a bit better than Intel GHz-for-GHz.

My recommendations:

Budget best bang-for-buck = i5 4670
Medium range = i5 10600K
High end = AMD 5600X

Some advice for anyone buying a new PC today for FM:

You can't rely on the 'turbo' speed because it bounces around a bit lower than the advertised figure, and the stock voltages are set high so for that extra ~200-300Mhz or so you get out of a high end CPU, you're not only paying an extra ~$150 for the CPU itself, you're paying an extra ~$100 for adequate cooling too.

If you avoid the turbo clock and do a manual overclock with a set optimal low voltage, then it brings up other issues - If you don't have ~$150 cooling, you're going to potentially ruin your CPU if you ever use AVX-based programs (i.e. encoding video). All-core overclock generally just can't reach the advertised single-core turbo boost because the voltage required increases exponentially. With an all core overclock, the difference between a 10600K and 10700K on budget cooling is only about 200MHz.