Sep 21, 2018
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Hi there,
I've not played 2011 so recently I bought it.
I'm doing ok but I'm wondering is there any current links for extremely good, successful tactics?
Like the ones listed below?
Or is there a tactics pack?
like for older cms and fms?

I'm currently leicester and I haven't really played much fm since 2008.
but I bought 2011 recently because its the only game my PC can run.


But I've downloaded zero sea's fairyland.
But is it true that the AI figures your tactic out? after a year or so.
no. AI recalculate your reputation based on your team performance. If you overperform - AI will play more defensive, this is why tactics sometimes stop working.
And how do you solve this? Play with a more attacking tactic?
not nessesary, better to understand why you start losing. When something goes wrong peoples like to complain about their tactic like the first problem in their losing streak, but there are a lot of other factors: complacency, jadedness, moral, bad pitch, key player injuries, players hidden unhappy factor, bad luck. And in last time it's tactic.

And when we speak about tactic, this is not like everybody understand it - "I will made 2 different formations with different mentality". This is a good way, but when you create second tactic you have to take into account what both should have different idea, and this different idea will work vs this opponent.

For example last night i played vs Newcastle. Newcastle in big slump, 2 month without wins. They played very well, and first half we dominate possession but 5 shots - 0 on target. Newcastle had 9 shots - 6 on target. I can say - my tactic what rely on my best striker with Trequarista role not working, because Newcastle used very very high defensive line and there is no space for my Trequarista between the lines, but when he got the ball into this space we are in good opportunity to attack but my second striker (DLF support) never position himself in good place for through ball.



Also when we have ball on the wing my fulbacks (both on support duty) not cross ball as often as i want today.

I started second half with same tactic, but started watching the game more closely. They compress space in the middle and i used a shout "Play wider". This is helped a little bit, but anyway we played bad. On 70 minute i made 2 substitutions and wanted to change strategy from Counter to Attack, because we should win this game. But what the reason to do it if we cant attack, we cant build up good possession on the final third.

my tactic in the beggining: 4-1-3-2 wide with ml/r.

DL/DR - FB (s)
DC - both DC (d)
DMC - DM (d)
CM - B2B (s)
ML - wide midfielder (a)
MR - winger (a)
ST - Trequarista (a)
ST - DLF (s)

Strategy - Counter, Philosophy - Fluid.
Marking - Man, Closing Down - less. Everything else on default.

What i did on 70 minute: everything the same except

1. I changed philosophy. More fluid = more compressed = little space between the lines/my players. I changed it to Very Rigid, this will stretch my team vertically.

2. I changed my second striker role - DLF (s) to Poacher (a). Poacher have higher mentality and he will be in better position for through balls, when DLF(s), because DLF(s) played much deeper.

3. I changed my FB(s) crossing to often. I dont changed their role to attack because i dont want from them to run very high, but i wanted from them cross the ball from deep with first opportunity, because we always have 3-4 players into the box.

4. I also added "hassle opponents", because we played very passive in defense, and for increasing tempo, what should help our counter-attacks.

And this worked, we scored first on 73' from "cross from deep" what my FB did to my B2B what find himself between 2 DC what man-mark my strikers. We scored second on 88' from penalty.

2-0, good win. In analyze we had 3 CCC - Newcastle 0.

I changed my tactic? yes. I changed playstyle? yes. But all this changes not massive: core idea + shouts and right roles for this match, in this scenario can make a difference.
Does anyone still have JP Woody's High Scoring 11.3 that they could upload?

Would be much appreciated