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The European Reject Challenge

Sep 6, 2013
Hey guys, this is my first challenge, and I am doing it on FM 2014, as 2015 won't load at all.

So basically, you:
  • Take control from a team in the top division in any UEFA nation (use this editor data TheSacrisant's Leagues Megapack for FM14 | FM Scout to get all 53 nations)
  • I will provide (coming soon) the save game, advanced to June 2015.
  • You may only sign players that have been released by top-division European clubs in that season (i.e you can sign Berbatov in 2015(just an example) if he was released in 2015, but you can't sign him from his team when he is still under contract, or sign him in 2016)
Anyone interested? I know it's a little bit late to be doing this (okay, very late), but hopefully some people might give this challenge a go.

Spud :)