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todnek 4-3-3 double trequartista 150 abil foward get scorer king in premier league


Oct 30, 2020
in premier league, i get scorer king with 150 ability/poten 28 goals. 176 abiility/potentail Lisandro Martínez get 18 goals.
One-fifth of Manchester United, the top-ranked team in annual salary... 2nd place behind league salary spending.

4th in scoring ranking, 1st in creation scoring opportunity

One-top overwhelming scorer (Avil 150)

It is a counterattack withdrawal soccer with 18th share and 4th in conversion ratio and 13th with conceded points.

Two DM players were sent off for 2nd place and 1st place. So I'm going to turn off the hard tackle guidelines.

You will be ranked #1 in activity per full-back game on both sides.

A tie for second place in scoring opportunities created by wing forward Raul Moro. The wing forward comes alive very well.

u can see details https://www.fmkorea.com/3172179303
원본 443 is original and 개량 433 is shaped one after league.
can i take tatics test?