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Tutoring Neymar to become a great tutor (Driven, Evasive)


Mar 16, 2012
On all my recent FM saves I have ended up buying Neymar. Bit boring maybe, but he's always worth it and you can always sell him. I always teach him to 'place shots', 'round keeper', 'play one-two's' and he scores loads of goals in any competition.

I like to play long running careers with a club where your initial talents become the tutors of the new talents.
K. Babacar (Personality: Professional, Determination 19) will already become a great tutor, but Neymar (Personality: Fairly determined, Determination 16) will not make for a great tutor. Yet.

On my latest Barca tutoring save I bought Neymar and then Kuyt (Professional, 18) and I. Olic (Professional, 20) to tutor him. First I had Neymar train for an PPM and Kuyt tutor him. When Neymar's determination was 17, I cancelled tutoring and had him be tutored by Olic.
In Februari, just before tutoring was finished, Neymar's determination was up to 20 and his personality had changed to 'Driven' (Media handling style Evasive). Now I guess he will make for a great tutor. In five years.

http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p517/JLdeWeers/FM2011 Tutoring/NeymarDrivenEvasive.png
http://i1153.photobucket.com/albums/p517/JLdeWeers/FM2011 Tutoring/NeymarDetermination20.png