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Upload Match Highlights to youtube and other questions about video making


Aug 17, 2012

I wonder if anybody can help me with some questions I need answers on.

1) I have tried to upload videoes directly to youtube from FM12, but when I tries the automatic upload highlights feature I get an error message. how can I solve this problem?

2) For now I need to export the match highlights to an .ogv file and save it on my computer.
Normally youtube manage to convert the .ogv file eventhough youtube cant recognize the file format, but the last time I tried I got this error message: "Processing of the video failed. Please make sure you are uploading a supported file type".

How can I upload the .ogv files from FM12 to youtube with a suported file type?
Eksample: Football Manager 2012 - Tiki Taka goal - YouTube

3) see example above - How can I make videoes directly from the game showing more from my savegames than just the match?

Hope anybody can help me - ask if you need further information about my problems or if anything is unclear.