why am i so **** at fmlive?


Sep 17, 2005
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right well ive been on it most of today, got a pretty poor team and pulled in some average loans n that. imported some winning tactics from fm2008 and they worked and i won my first two games but i think i must have been playing rubbish opposition cos its not worked since!

might start again now i kinda know what im doing with a new team. but does anyone know what i can do to make it easier or got a good tactic or a good player to loan me! :pleased:
Although I haven't been on it in months, I found that more perservearance (sp) is neccessary than with normal Fm an ya may have to do alot of tweakin until ya find somethin that works. Like with lower league teams on FM, pacey players will help even if they have limited technical ability I found.
fm live bored me. far too time consuming and could never really find a good tactic or sign a great player
i understand the whole league and fed thing now but what are you meant to do in between matches , just constantly play friendlies? seems pretty dull?!
Well you can join some of the user competitions to fill time. I usually just do fed games though as they take up plenty of time and then i might play 1 or 2 friendlies inbetween seasons.
Young English manager Sam Leggott's obscure Middlesbrough FC have climbed one hundred and twenty-two places to 77th in the world rankings

i dont like the word obscure but im gettin better!
Woo good stuff Sam. Who are your star players atm then?
erm i have some striker i loaned off lloyd who is pretty much my only decent player. i just made friends with a couple of good players aswell and just harrased them for any back up players they dont play that i could loan which has sorted me out a bit

the only players i have that youll have heard of are probs ryan jarvis and tony mcmahon from boro :|
I've managed to get to 24th in Madeira, have Ashley Cole, Carrick, Dalla Valle, Kightly, Guarin and some amazing regens. Got promoted to the premier in NFA too.
I left both teams on holiday for the whole of last season. Came 3rd in the DFA Prem in To Madeira and came 2nd last in the DFA Prem in Tonton lol.

Think I might give this season a bash. In Tonton I have £19m (there abouts) in my account so Could easily put together a good team and destroy my opponents in the DFA Championship.
Fancy coming on and giving me some cash Sean? :D
Hmmm maybe. I'll download it and login to see what's happened to my teams.
boo down with fml, its far too boring and not for the average user to be honest, you have to play all day every day to get anywhere. Also it's full of beta testers, they had been testing the game with the same players for months, surprise surprise! they form most of the top 100! waste of money if you want my humble opinon
I'm enjoying it. Been playing on Platini since Tuesday and I'm rank 79th out of 866. I have no star players or even anyone ive ever heard of but seem to be doing decent enough.

Its an enjoyable game
i had this trouble when beta testing it took me ages to get my team right and start winning
I remember a several seasons ago, people said that owners could not make a profit from football clubs. Obviously, Kroenk and the Glazers fly in the face of that theory. Kroenk hardly ever goes to the Emirates, so its not even like he likes football or soccer, as hed call it. What annoys me about Kroenk is that he allowed Wenger to appoint Gazidis, who Wenger is supposedly answerable to Why would he let Wenger do that???

I probably would be better off supporting a league one or league two club. Certainly financially, anyway But I dont know how good the football is? I have BT Sport and a lot of the Premier League matches this season have not been very good and have actually been quite boring. They didnt show many Leicester matches though. Maybe it would have been better if they had done. How good is the football in League one and two?