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Women's Super League


Dec 12, 2015
Hi all,

I am a big women's football fan and would love to set up the WSL (1 & 2) on FM.

I have a plan to approach the teams forums or facebook groups with Survey Monkey questionnaires so that the fans can rate the players themselves. I will then can the mean score for each attribute and then upload them.

However the main issue is the leagues. FM currently don't let you create women players (only non-players). Therefore how would you stop women signing for mens teams and visa versa.

The only way around it I thought would be to create a new country called 'Women'. Therefore all the players would be of 'Women' nationality and set up in the competition rules would be that teams could only sign players from Women.

Obviously this isn't perfect so I was wondering if you lovely people had another plan before I set up the separate nation?