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Your team's, team of the season

Oct 9, 2009
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Winner for Team of the Season - Fulham. Absolutely fantastic results again Juventus and Wolfsburg and i would not be one bit surprised if they beat Liverpool or Atletico Madrid in the Final.

Runner-Up - Newcastle. Admiteddly slightly biased but all those claims of 'Your going to do a Leeds' and Phil Brown singing 'We are Premier League' at the end of last season and we have proved everyone wrong and started to become a Football Club as opposed to a circus or goldfish bowl (Jenas you c**t)

Winner of Player of the Season - Wayne Rooney. I don't think anyone can have any arguments here, Torres would probably have pipped him had he been fit and in a decent team.

Runner-Up of Player of the Season - Graham Dorrans. I could have chose several players, both premiership and toon players but to be fair Dorrans has been quality week in week out and I am surprised he is not at a team like Everton or Villa already as he has enough about him to play for a big club outside top four. Think he probably deserved to be championship player of the season just ahead of Kevin Nolan

Winner of Manager of the Season - Roy Hodgson. Like above, Fulham have been superb again this season and its all down to this man.

Runner-Up of Manager of the Season - Chris Hughton. After been given the job full time he has been level headed, guided us to an unrivalled form record and kept the demons away (barring the social hand grenade Andy Carroll breaking our best players jaw) so i think he deserves some recognition.

Winner of Worst team of the Season - Hull City. They are not a premiership club and have shown that consistently throughout the last 18 months. I firmly believ we wont be seeing them in the premier league anytime soon after may.

Runner-Up of Worst Team of the Season - Liverpool. For such an illustrious club, their season is comparable to our season last year. Shambolic, unorganised and just completely out of character. Don't get me wrong i like Liverpool as my family are LFC fans and i'm aware of the financial constraints but surely Rafa has to go and i think LFC are fortunate Chelsea arre going to prevent Man Utd breaking the 18 title record for another season.

I have my opinion and thats all it is, your welcome to criticise or concur. as in worst manager of the season i think its Rafa (sorry LFC) and either Phil Brown or Brian Laws. Phil Brown was in a rut and Laws is out of his depth, much as Zola is at WHU but i think Zola could turn it around next season although i doubt he will be given chance to.

Worst players of the season, Lucas springs to mind amongst others

And i know it said team of season like Man Utd/Liverpool etc, but i was in a typing mood so just cracked on :)

But it would be:

R. Taylor
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Apr 10, 2010
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Walker, Kilgallon, Morgan, Taylor
Yeates, Quinn, Montgomery, Ward
Cresswell, Camara