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Recent content by 2012mufc

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    FM2013 network game through Hamachi

    Is there any way to play network league using Hamachi or something else instead of the Steam servers?
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    FMRTE CLR ERROR 80004005

    Hi, I got this problemw hen I open up fmrte, saying clr error 80004005 :S I tried using the rar version that still wont work get the same error, I'm running Windows 7 x64 version, I tried virtually everything, if any1 has a solution I will be realllyyyy happy :D thanks
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    chairman looking to sell

    im in my 4th season i think in a network game, im aston villa and have made it tthe champions league, but i spent lotttsss of money at the start on players and am paying it back in monthly installments and now my chairman is looking to sell my job security atm is very secure, so does this mean...
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    Player praising manager's team talk

    how do you get this to happen more often?
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    how do you find the best regens

    is there any way to find the best regens without using the fmrte or any other editor or scouts?
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    fuzzy fonts when windowed

    when i enable the windowed option, everything is allright for sum time, but after a few days the fonts go all fuzzy and i dont know what im reading sometimes. if i change back to full screen resolution it gets better, but i dont want to do that as it is anoying, if i delete settings and cache...
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    is there an editor for a network game?

    is there a way of in game editing if your not host? or view hidden attributes? for e.g is there a skin or some sort of xml code which views hidden attributes? or a software tht can view the hidden attributes? thankyou
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    is jack rodwell good enough to be my centre back?

    basically, i need a centre back for my villa team coz dunne is quite old, i hav shawcross but i need sum1 else solid, i had sakho but he was doin so well my mate snatched him off me for 27 mill in the network game. hummels agent hates me so he didnt come, missed out on koscielny and chgrynsky...
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    board intervening with transfers

    is there anyw ay to make them stop? by liek having a go out them saying they are ****** in press confrences?
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    Sugar daddy for clubs no editor

    hi, is there any way of making your club a sugar daddy without using the editor? like can i get angry with the chairman so he leaves or something? thanks
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    young, affeley, downing, ninis?

    which ones shall i sell and which ones shall i keep? thanks
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    help with tactics for aston villa 11.1.1

    hi, i was wondering if there is a amazing tactic that would win me a lot of stuff lol with my aston villa team, im second season, and this is my team atm GK joe hart DR van der wiel DL vargas CB shawcross CB sakho DMC m'villa MC Ganso LWM Hazard RWM afelley/young/suarez ST rossi ST suarez/...
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    Get more money by intrest

    i heard on different forums tht if you put transfer funds into wages by addjusting the budget, your income increases, how much does it increase? and how exactly does this work? thanks
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    Fix for crash dumps non-steam in network game

    i found that when i get to a point in a network game crash dumps occurs, it is ineveratble unfortunately, but i have that for some reason one of the managers in the network has something corrupted, because it is them that is causing the crash dumps error, through trial and error find out who it...
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    how to set different defensive lines

    hey, how do you change your defensive lines? i know what they are, but i dont know exactly how to set them and stuff, thanks in advanced :)