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    Hey guys, general Destiny discussion thread here. Use it, don't use it. Whatever. I'm just looking for guys to do the Vault of Glass mission? :)
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    Post Your Frustrations

    The number 1 stop for moaning about your FM save! [I will open this on Nov 2nd, to avoid people spamming with bug complaints!]
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    Contracts in FM13

    I'm just curious if anyone has had a better/ worse experience when it comes to negotiating contracts on FM13? On FM12 it was annoying that clubs could offer less for players and they could ask you to pay a % of wages but not the other way around.. etc. IMO, it hasn't changed.. If anything it...
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    Italian football clubs face match-fixing probe.. Again

    BBC News - Italian football clubs face match-fixing probe Why does this not surprise me? Something like this happens every year in Italy, I swear..
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    British ISP's will block The Pirate Bay within weeks

    BBC News - The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules So yeah.... Maybe I will reconsider switching from AOL to SKY as my ISP (Although, I have a feeling AOL ISP is owned by Carphone Warehouse, anyway).
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    Matchday Glitch

    Why is this in the Network Games thread? FFS. It's mean to be in Technical Help. ): Has anyone else had a glitch where you cannot leave the match? I've had it twice in two days now and it's annoying, I've already had to restart once now I'll have to go back to my last save.. Whenever that was...
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    HHTFC: The light shines in darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

    Okay, here goes. I haven’t written a FM story for a few years. A few of you may remember my “From Russia with love” story. I apologise in advance if my grammar or spelling is incorrect at times, I can only try my best. Also, the title is a quote from the bible, which is probably why it makes...
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    Retraining my LWB as a ST?

    Now, I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to retraining players. However, I was wondering if anybody has ever retrained a player in a position that was previously 'ineffectual' [or whatever it is called]? Here I have a LWB who has pretty good attributes to be a poacher, as highlighted. Any help...
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    Crashes & Crash Dump Issues With FM2012 Demo

    Wassup people. Now I imagine a lot of you (like myself) are having issues with loading the game up, crash dumps and the like. Now obviously the staff here don't know a great deal about how to fix most of these issues. I would reccomend anybody having an issue with any form of Steam or FM error...
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    Aannddyy's Attacking Underdog Tactic 4-5-1

    I know FM12 is just around the corner but I have started to wonder just how good this tactic is, would like others to give me some feedback on it so I know whether or not I've just fluked it. I've made a lot of tactics that have been successful with teams like Everton and Villa but I've never...
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    Post Your Successes

    Won the league? Signed Messi? etc. this is the place to post it.
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    Post Your Frustrations

    Complain to your hearts content here.
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    Liverpool FC: Ultimate Guide to The Reds

    I’ve been meaning to make this guide since the game’s release however I’ve never got round to playing as my beloved Liverpool. A few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and make headway with the guide. My first impression of the Liverpool team was nothing short of amazement, you inherit a...
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    Bruno César

    Name: Bruno César Club: Corinthians D.O.B: 3/11/1988 Nationality: Brazilian Position: AMC Agent: Claudio Carvalho Souza Strengths: Long Shots, Crossing, Finishing, Technique, Acceleration Weaknesses: Marking, Tackling, Aggression, Determination Description: Midfield Personality: Fairly...
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    The Looking For Staff Thread

    Recently there has been a massive rise in threads asking who to sign as a scout/first team coach/ assistant etc. So I have decided from now on if you are looking to sign some staff and need help use this thread. However I recommend you first check this thread out. Please use the following...