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Recent content by adamson1888

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    Problems beating the big teams!

    Hi all. I am currently half way through my first season with Lyon. So mostly all is well i have qualified for the knockout stages of the CL. i am 2nd in the Ligue 1 behind Marsielle by 3points! My only problem is i cannot beat teams that have the same or higher ability of squad. I have been...
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    Lesser Teams!

    Can someone please link me a tactic that is good for the lesser teams in big divisions.(Stoke,Wolves teams like this) Thank you!:D
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    Play the tottenham way!

    Does anyone know the best way to make your team in fm play like tottenham in real life. For example long balls upto crouch for the knockdowns to van der vaart or bale and lennon sprinting up the wing to cross it in for crouch has anyone managed to implement this into football manager?:wub:
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    The 3-4-3 tactic!

    I have just started a new save with marseille and im looking to implement the 3-4-3 formation (sometimes know as the napoli formation) and i would just like to know if anyone has had any success with this tactic? if anyone isnt sure what tactic im on about then...... Any information welcome!
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    Chelsea tactic?

    Can anyone send me a link to a tactic which i could use for chelsea on update 11.3? (A)
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    Big team no history!

    Can anyone recomend me a team who is classed as a "big team" but dont have very much history in europe for example no european competion wins?
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    Tottenham or Real Madrid!!

    Tottenham or Real Madrid?:wub: Who do you fancy?(H)
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    Recently i have changed my football manager display to windowed so i could take a screenshot now when i want to change it back i can only see 3 quarters of the screen so i cannot click confirm this is so annoying PLEASE HELP?^^)
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    Brazilian Leauge!!

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a bit of help!! Firstly i would like to know does south america have an equvilent to the champions leauge? Secondly can anyone send me a link to a guide on any brazillian team in the first division in brazil if so it would be very appreciated!!:D8-|
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    Hi Guys, Fm2011 is becomming extremly boring anyideas/challenges i could do on it? any challenge welcome except from getting a team from a low leauge into a higher leauge as i have already done it on 2 seperate occasions!! HELP!!:@
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    Good Assistant managers!!

    I have just started a save with borussia dortmund and the assistant manager is terrible!:@ Any of you'se guys know any good ones i could get?(H)
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    Need ideas on a team to go?

    Looking for a team in a country with a top 3 finish in a country like switzerland,belgium or serbia along the lines off that hopefully a team with a reletively good budget and a european competion?
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    Vedad Ibesivic

    hi guys, im wondering if any of youse can help me im playing a 4-1-2-3formation with hoffenheim and am struggling to get the best out of ibesivic can any of youse help me?:'(
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    Anchor man!

    Last few seasons i have played with my hoffenheim season i have been playing a defensive midfielder in the anchor man role and all i can say is if its a good defenseive midfielder it works absouloute wonders!!
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    team can i go?

    Im looking for a team in either,germany,france,spain,italy,holland with a good budget and the possibiltiy of good run in ECC after 2 or 3 seasons any suggestions?(A)