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    Manage reserves/U21

    In some versions I played in the past, it was possible to manage the reserves team and the U21 team. Do you know if it is possible to do it in FM2009? Couldn't find yet how to do it. Thanks.
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    Advise for Barnsley

    Hi, Took control of Barnsley and played a few games. Any advise from more experient players? I'm quite new to the game. I'm insterested in tactics that can fit, training schedules, players to sign (mainly free players) and any other general advise you can give. Thanks, Antonio
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    How to give individual instructions?

    Hi, I'm new ro the game and I've been using standard tactics. Would like to go one stpe further an assign different instructions for each player, different from the team instructions. I can use the sliders for team instructions, but did not found yet how to change instructions for each...