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Recent content by amosboyo

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    the best comebacks you have ever seen i will started as a hereford fan we where 3-0 down at northampton and came back to win 3-4 we where bottom at the time then the next away game won 0- 5(A)
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    How to make kits?

    hi i just wondered if there was any way of making kits without using photoshop??' because i have wanted to make some kits for ages ? thanks :):)
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    No leagues

    Hi, i have recently updated to patch 11.1 But know when i went to start a new game if i choose edited files or Not then choose the nation 'England' and then it goes blank so i cant choose what leagues to choose from :S any Suggestions??? in might of happened
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    my edit

    hey i have made a data base on the editor and i tryed to load it it had 21 leagues and 11 Cups and it would load it crashed and it came up with Crash dumps this is really annoyying any clues how to stop it ?? :)
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    try my manchester united challenge

    http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3885 Moved to Northern Premier Division they are like a team from there -35points can you make it back to the top?