Sep 19, 2010
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Hi, i have recently updated to patch 11.1 But know when i went to start a new game if i choose edited files or Not then choose the nation 'England' and then it goes blank so i cant choose what leagues to choose from :S any Suggestions??? in might of happened
Why 11.1? Why not 11.2?

Where did you get the game?
i downloaded 11.1 ages ago but only Came Round to doing it a few weeks ago il download 11.2 it was working fine before, and i got it from Game The Game shop in kidderminster its legal
If worst comes to worst, try re-installing the game. You may have put the update in the wrong place.
Okaaay thanks i will il try and put the new patch on first
Or you could download the game with steam and so the updates are automatically downloaded and put in the right place.
on fm2009 i downloaded using steam and the save wudnt load once the season started so i have never used it after
Any fix for this? I am having the same problem on 11.3