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    Andy's Auction Game

    *If you don't have a manager by the end you will be assigned a **** manager. :) Anyway, here are the divisions and the players in them. (Randomly assigned) League 1 Kris - East Stirling Finger Club – 65.9 million Irish - The Phantom ******** - 178.2 million Neall - Mighty Morphin Flower...
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    Greatest United player

    Just a quick question for the United fans (and any other fan for that matter), who do you think Uniteds greatest player? Do you agree with the article, if not who is the best? Please do give a reasoning behind your choice. (H)
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    Henry signs for Bulls

    Thierry Henry has signed for New York Bulls. On Sky Sports at the moment. Making his debut against the Spurs (6) Surely he will be getting paid millions and he could have easily gone to another team in Europe. So what does everything think?
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    City complete Toure signing

    City completed second signing of the week by completing the signing of Yaya Toure. http://www.mcfc.co.uk/News/Team-news/2010/July/Manchester-City-sign-Yaya-Toure Thoughts and opinions? Think will be a great signing for City bringing in the quality to challenge for the title. What does this...
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    City complete Silva signing

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_6238493,00.html Thoughts and Opinions. Think he will be great for City and this is the quality they need if they want to reach the top 4. Surely this means Robinho is leaving, which may not be a bad thing. According to Sky City are also close to...
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    Secret bids held for United

    Anyone being watching sky news? Accordingly there has been secret talks to buy united with leading financiers. They would need around a Billion pounds to make it happen. Obviously it will be good news for United fans, but is it just rumours? Opinions?
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    Danny Welbeck - Loan

    Danny Welbeck has joined Preston on loan to the end of the season. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/p/preston/8478532.stm Anybody thinking this is SAF doing his son a massive favour? Is it fair? Personally i think it will be good for Welbeck and his chance to show that he can...
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    Top 50 transfers of all time - cumulative and adjusted for inflation

    http://labs.timesonline.co.uk/blog/2009/03/02/top-50-most-expensive-footballers-adjusted-for-inflation/ Was having a look at this at RedCafe. Found it quite surprising. Its the total price the player has been bought for over his career. Before you open the link try and have a guess who is 3rd...
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    End of a Decade

    So the decade is coming to an end in the next few weeks. It has past by extremely quickly. So what is going to be remembered for? Who is the most successful sportsman? Football Match of the Decade? Greatest Achievement of the Decade? Greatest Album of the Decade? If you have any others feel...
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    Derren Brown

    Just watched it on channel 4, and he got them all correct, im amazed. Wish i could do that :P How do you think he did it??
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    Fabregas Out Injured

    Just saw on sky sports news that Fabregas is possibly out for 2 weeks, this will mean that he will miss the game against United next week, he will be a massive miss for them. What are your thoughts?
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    Telford In the Prem - Big Problem

    Hello im now in 2015 and iv just got Telford promoted to the premiership. Im doing prety well in 16th but i have a massive problem my last 4 home games have been postpned due to a waterloged ptich. I know this is because i have risen up through the ranks and havnt improved my facilities but...
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    Ishmael Miller!!! Best striker in prem!!

    Im hull in fm 09 and have finished my 3rd season. Although im in the championship i keep an eye on the prem. One thing that anoys me is Ishmael Miller. For the third season in a row he has been top goal scorer in the Premiere league. This is ahead of people like tevez,berbatov,ronaldo and...