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Telford In the Prem - Big Problem


Premium Member (andid1)
Feb 14, 2009
Hello im now in 2015 and iv just got Telford promoted to the premiership. Im doing prety well in 16th but i have a massive problem my last 4 home games have been postpned due to a waterloged ptich. I know this is because i have risen up through the ranks and havnt improved my facilities but does this mean at the end of the season i wil have loads of games to catch up with. Im only in October so i dont no what it is going to be like in December/January. Iv asked my board to expand the stadium and they have done this once but i still dont have under soil heating.

I just wanted to know if there was anyway around this sticky situatuon as i dont want to be playing 4 games in a week like my previous season.

Any help would be much appreciated.



When i ask to relay the pitch they say no.
Is the pitch in a poor condition though. If its not in a dire condition, then they will refuse. I've tried asking to have pitch relayed when it has been in a poor condition and they've refused.