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    Team Comparison Page

    hello all just a quick question here, in team report and then comparison you can see how you shape up against the other teams in the league. my question is could someone give a bit of a guide to what categories help with what. for example a team with high decision making should look to play...
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    I am here to help.

    So after just wrapping up my 3rd successive league with Liverpool and a few other trophies along the way i feel i now have a good understanding of tactics in fm and i want to offer help to anyone who might be struggling or just has a few questions. before starting my last 2 seasons i did a ton...
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    Tactical Advice Needed

    okay so basically the problem is understanding and identifying weaknesses and strengths in tactics. If someone is willing and patient enough to give me some insight that would be amazing. I am looking for information like on the team report page what do those things tell you etc? any help here...
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    4-3-3 Possession based tactic

    Hello FMers i had a fairly good season with my Sheffield Wednesday side last season so i thought i would just share my tactic with you all. As the title states its a 4-3-3 possession based tactic that aims to move the ball around patiently with short passes and eventually find gaps in the...
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    Managing in Italy?

    I am currently Fiorentina and it just seems that managing in Italy is alot harder, im struggling alot with lesser teams and its annoying, has anyone else gound this or am i just trying to find excuses for my poor season haha :)
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    Lukas Barrios?

    I am in the hunt for a third striker for some back up for my team and to bolster the squad. Dortmunds Lukas Barrios looks to be a good fit and i was wondering if anyone has bought or used him before and had success, any info would be helpful before i blow millions on him. please and thank you
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    Can someone please tell me what on earth is going on?

    Im MK Dons and i am trying to sign Roman Ravlyuchenko. for a reason unknown to me i cant get a work permit for him when he has played in england for like the last 3 years. why is this?
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    Leeds and Galatasaray Rivalry?

    On FM10 why is Galatasaray one of Leeds fierce rivals? :/
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    How on earth can i play like barca

    every time i try and get a 4-5-1 to work it faisl badly, its my favorite formation and any help with getting it to work would be appreciated eg player roles duties etc please and thank you :)
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    Are any players impossible to sign?

    are any players fm10 impossible to sign if there is no one who are the hardest to sign, i have never played to deep into fm10 or gone after to big of a player like your messi's etc and im just intrigued to see if anyone will just not leave there club.
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    After gaining promotion to the EPL with Mk Dons i am unsure on how i should go about staying up as that is my main goal. what possible formations, tactics and general hints can anyone give me to help me stay up?
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    Defensive help required

    how do i make my team just better defensively as a whole, i seem to concede to many goals and it is annoying me. i have tried a few different things like a four defenders set to defend and support etc but i just cant seem to find a good balance between attack and defense. any general...
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    Has anyone had a successful ultimatum, i never have and im not sure its possible to even have one so if you have please share details
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    Backroom advice

    When your backroom advice say things like you score most goals between the 1st and 15th minute and you have a touch advantage or disadvantage, do these things mean anything. can i use them to my advantage or is it just general info about the other team?
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    I had a few incredible seasons with gourcuff and at $30 million he is just about the best buy i have ever had im just wondering if anyone else has had great success with him i mainly used him as a trequartista in the AMC spot in a 4231